carbon black, ebe, antioxidants, antistatic agents, anti

carbon black, ebe, antioxidants, antistatic agents, anti

  • antistatic agent - wikipedia

    Antistatic agent - Wikipedia

    These applications utilize permanent antistatic agents or conductive additives such as carbon black, conductive fibers, and nanomaterials. [3] [4] An antistatic agent for the treatment for coatings may also involve an ionic liquid or a solution

  • antistatic agent - an overview | sciencedirect topics

    Antistatic Agent - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Non-durable antistatic agents are used to treat textiles that only require temporary antistatic ability. They are preferred for fiber and yarn processing since ease of removal is important. They are also used in textile products that do not

  • antistats - an overview | sciencedirect topics

    Antistats - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

    Antistatic agents (‘ antistats ’): These chemicals can be either durable or nondurable once applied to the fabric. The selection is partly dependent on the intended life of the product. Examples of durable antistats include vapour deposited

  • polymer additives: uv light stabilizers, antioxidants and antistatic agents - brands and chemistries - solvay

    Polymer Additives: UV Light Stabilizers, Antioxidants and Antistatic Agents - Brands and Chemistries - Solvay

    Designed to work in synergy with other plastic additives, such as UV light stabilizers, absorbers and antistatic agents, Solvay’s antioxidants are engineered to make polymeric products perform better for longer, promote a circular economy, and

  • list of carbon black from different suppliers on echemi

    List of Carbon Black from different suppliers on Echemi

    Analysis: Reference price of Carbon Black is 1002.033USD/MT, down 0.01% from 1002.176USD/MT on 2020-07-10. Carbon Black list : 145 products from 111 suppliers, yellow page of 96 suppliers

  • antistatic agents - walp - - major reference works - wiley online library

    Antistatic Agents - Walp - - Major Reference Works - Wiley Online Library

    Antistatic finishes are defined as antistatic agents in combination with water, mineral oil, composite finishes applied by producers during fiber manufacture, oils used to facilitate throwing or coning, textile softeners or lubricants, and hand

  • antistatic additives & their use | ampacet corporation

    Antistatic Additives & Their Use | AMPACET CORPORATION

    Recently, new clear polymeric antistats have been developed which are non-migratory and provide antistatic properties independent of atmospheric humidity. The non-migratory antistats form a percolating network similar to conductive carbon black,

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    Tanaka Ai Co., Ltd. | Products Handled

    Antioxidants Curing agents Anti-scorching agents Peptizing agents Tackifiers Processing aids White carbon black Various carbon blacks Dye intermediates Aniline

  • conductive carbon black masterbatches & how to use them | ampacet corporation

    Conductive Carbon Black Masterbatches & How to Use Them | AMPACET CORPORATION

    Requirements for an Effective Conductive Black Compound include: • Excellent dispersion. • Integrity of the carbon black structure or network. • Consistent particle size. • Specific resistance—High: <10 ohm-cm, General: 10-100 ohm-cm, Antista

  • products | vibamasterbatch

    Products | Vibamasterbatch

    Masterbatches with functional additives (Antioxidants, Antistatics, Flame Retardants, Slip Agents, UV Stabilizers, Process Aids, etc.) Formulations for general applications such as injection moulding or extrusion of high thickness products, as

  • antistatic agents overview (2020) - europlas

    Antistatic Agents Overview (2020) - Europlas

    Plastics are inherently insulative (typical surface resistivities in the range of 1012 to 1014 om/square) and cannot readily dissipate a static charge. The primary role of an antistatic agent or antistat is to prevent the buildup of static

  • antistatic agent | chemical product catalog - chemsrc

    Antistatic agent | Chemical Product Catalog - Chemsrc

    Antistatic agents are chemical agents that increase the electrical conductivity and volume conductivity of the dielectric surface and prevent it from generating static electricity. The harm of static electricity spreads to various industrial and

  • u.s. – cpsc exempts seven plastics from cpsia section 108 phthalate content testing requirements

    U.S. – CPSC Exempts Seven Plastics from CPSIA Section 108 Phthalate Content Testing Requirements

    Antistatic agents; Flame retardants; Anti-blocking agents; Slip agents; Blowing agents; Cross-linking agents; Antioxidants; Carbon black; or Colorants. General purpose polystyrene (GPPS), medium-impact polystyrene (MIPS), high-impact polystyrene

  • thermoplastics product portfolio - omya

    Thermoplastics Product Portfolio - Omya

    Antistatic, Slip & Antiblocking Conductive Carbon Black Impact Modifier Processing Additive Acrylate Natural-based Lubricants Release Agents Antistatic Agents Anti-fogging Agents Plasticizers Zinc Stearate Calcium Stearate Magnesium Stearate

  • plastics & rubber | brenntag

    Plastics & Rubber | Brenntag

    Accelerators, antioxidants, anti-ozone wax, carbon black, curatives, flame retardant chemicals, fumed metal oxide, kaolin, smoke suppression chemicals, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide Other raw materials such as chlorinated paraffins, defoamers,

  • wo2013141693a1 - an antistatic rubber compound and antistatic tire - google patents

    WO2013141693A1 - An antistatic rubber compound and antistatic tire - Google Patents

    An antistatic tire for vehicles comprising a body and a tread wherein said tread is produced from said rubber compound above. A rubber compound for the manufacture of antistatic tires used in vehicles comprising a rubber component derived from

  • us patent application for polymeric anti-static agent patent application (application #20130109809 issued may 2, 2013) - justia patents search

    US Patent Application for POLYMERIC ANTI-STATIC AGENT Patent Application (Application #20130109809 issued May 2, 2013) - Justia Patents Search

    It can clearly be seen that the comparative example with no additive still attracts significant amounts of carbon black in comparison to the examples according to the invention. The sample containing just 0.25 wt. % of the antistatic additive

  • antistatic and conducting composites of polypropylene | springerlink

    Antistatic and conducting composites of polypropylene | SpringerLink

    Whittaker, G. (1986) Antistatic and electrically conductive carbon black filled thermoplastic compounds, in Fillers, Proceedings of the Joint Conference of the Plastics and Rubber Institute and the British Plastics Federation, March 1986,

  • transparent and antistatic pmma composition - arkema france


    28/2/2019 · A transparent antistatic composition based on polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), including: 55% to 99.9% by weight of PMMA, and 0.1% to 45% by weight of at least one

  • antistatic compositions patents and patent applications (class 524/910) - justia patents search

    Antistatic Compositions Patents and Patent Applications (Class 524/910) - Justia Patents Search

    Search for Antistatic Compositions Patents and Patent Applications (Class 524/910) Filed with the USPTO Abstract: The present invention provides an antistatic composition including: a polymer (A) containing a monomer unit represented by the